Wine, Beer, & Beverages

Murphys Grille will gladly waive the corkage fee on local wines from Calaveras County.  $6 corkage fee on non-local wines.



Sparkling Wine, Milliaire Winery     32 / bottle

a perfect bubbly blend of Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc.

Gran Reserva Sparkling Wine, Stevenot Winery     28 / bottle

a crisp Chardonnay and French Colombard Cuvée blend with lively flavors of crisp green apple and a toasty coconut finish.

Sauvignon Blanc, Newsome Harlow     8 / glass, 28 / bottle

crisp, balanced, melon, lemon, and grapefruit; pairs with salad, seafood, fruit, cheese, green veggies, herbs.

Pinot Grigio, School Street     8 / glass, 28 / bottle

floral aromas of honeysuckle and lychee, flavors of stone fruit, kiwi, with hints of ginger; pairs with salads, chicken, pork, seafood, pasta.

Fumé Blanc, Frog’s Tooth Vineyard     8 / glass, 28 / bottle

soft tannins, green garden aromas, lemon meringue, white peach, crisp; pairs with seafood, salads, chicken, pork.

Gewürztraminer, Milliaire Winery     8 / glass, 28 / bottle

lively aromas of fresh lychee and apricot; pairs with chicken, pork, bacon, shrimp, spicy foods.

Reserve Viognier, Ironstone Vineyards     10 / glass, 30 / bottle

mango, pineapple, guava with hints of honey and citrus, soft oak undertones; pairs with seafood, chicken, spicy foods.

Chardonnay, Milliaire Winery     7 / glass, 21 / bottle

rich and full on the palate with subtle vanilla and toasted oak; pairs with seafood, chicken, pork, cream sauces.

Reserva Chardonnay, Stevenot Winery     8 / glass, 25 / bottle

pineapple, apple, and honey notes combined with a subtle oak finish; pairs with salmon, shrimp, salad, chicken.



Grenache Rosé, Lavender Ridge Winery     8 / glass, 28 / bottle

crisp, dry wine with flavors of strawberry and watermelon, well-rounded with generous acidity; pairs with aged salty cheeses, crab, chicken, salads; and on its own.



Pinot Noir, Indian Rock Vineyards     9 / glass, 32 /bottle

apples, butterscotch, spices; pairs with seafood, pasta, chicken, pork.

Cabernet Franc, Brice Station Winery     11 / glass, 39 / bottle

aromas of blackberries, violets and roasted cherries with dark berry flavors of dried plums, cherries and raspberries with hints of black pepper and vanilla; pairs well with steak, chicken and pork.

Barbera, Frog’s Tooth Vineyards     11 / glass, 39 / bottle

blackberry, dark black cherry, jammy plum, juicy tannins and mouthfeel; pairs with red meat, mushrooms, herbs, herbaceous cheeses like bleu cheese.

Merlot, Indian Rock Vineyards     8 / glass, 28 / bottle

ripe cherry, black olives, rich and potent; pairs with chicken, pork, lightly spiced red meats.

Malbec, Frog’s Tooth Vineyards     9 / glass, 32 / bottle

black and red cherries, pomegranate, eucalyptus, cinnamon; pairs with chicken, pork, red meat.

Tempranillo, Hovey Winery     9 / glass, 32 / bottle

dark chocolate, baked cherries, coffee beans, soft tannins; pairs well with all foods.

Zinfandel, Frog’s Tooth Vineyards     9 / glass, 32 / bottle

intense dark fruit flavors, ample tannins; pairs with all meats, chicken, grilled seafood, tomato-based pasta dishes.

Zinfandel, Val du Vino Winery     12 / glass, 42 / bottle

dark berry fruit flavors, baked plums, white pepper, savory and sweet spices; pairs with meats, chicken, pasta, and hearty seafood.

Simply Red, Milliaire Winery     6 / glass, 18 / bottle

Zinfandel-Syrah blend, perfect all-around table wine; pairs well with most foods.

Mélange de Mère, Tanner Vineyards     12 / glass, 42 / bottle

smooth blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot; berries, ripe plum, white pepper; pairs with red meat, pork, lamb, chicken, garlic, goat cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Hatcher Winery     8 / glass, 30 / bottle

dry, full bodied, strong tannins, cherry, blueberry, plum; pairs with steak, ribs, hearty and rich pastas, chocolate.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Brice Station Winery     13 / glass, 45 / bottle

aromas of sundried tomatoes, black olives, herbs de Provence, and medium tannins; pairs well with hearty red sauces, red meat, pork, strong cheese.



Clockspring Zinfandel Port, Milliaire Winery     9 / glass

velvety blackberry and cocoa, balanced by a sweet yet spicy finish.


~BEER~ Please ask your server for current selections

Draft Beer     6 / glass

Bottled Beer     5 / bottle

Beer Flight – your choice of four 5 oz. drafts beers     10 / flight



Sangria     10 / glass

a blend of red or white wine, juice, fruit, and spices – perfect for those hot days or when you just want a little something different!



Tropical Iced Tea, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade     2.50 / glass



Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic)     5 / bottle

delightfully spicy and refreshing!

Pellegrino Sparkling Water     4 / bottle

Coffee (free refills)     3 / cup

Hot Tea (free refills)     2.50 / cup